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Combining experience with high-end technology, here at VPSAG.COM we are able to offer quality VPS services at an exceptional value. Innovation is a big part of how we try to develop our business practices and come up with cutting edge products that can resolve and fulfill complex needs.

Founded and run by technology enthusiasts, we constantly improve every aspect of our service, making sure we keep up with the latest technologies while we maintain a safe and reliable platform. While our prices are very low in comparison with the competition, that doesn't mean we oversell our nodes or use inferior-quality hardware.

We try to be as efficient as possible and we will always try to increase the technical capabilities of each virtual server while keeping the rates down, so that you can always be sure that our team here at VPSAG.com will keep the same standards of quality you are used to.

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Over the years, we have developed a formidable expertise in creating powerful and reliable products. Using our own quality management system, we ensure the quality of our service from development to testing in various work environments to be certain that it can withstand heavy workloads. We have built our control panel in-house allowing our customers to manage with ease their VPSes, on a secure and reliable interface that is thoroughly tested and constantly updated.

We apply the same rigorous methods when it comes to our support staff. By checking the quality of their replies and constantly improving their technical skills, we make sure they act professionally and efficient in all situations. Because we believe so much in the quality of our customer support, we offer a Support Guarantee of 100% with the maximum response time for any technical ticket of 20 minutes.

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Instant Setup

Our virtual servers are provisioned and delivered within maximum 20 minutes after the order has been completed.

Custom built Control Panel

We have built the VPS control panel in-house making sure we provide a secure and reliable hosting experience.

Fast OS reload

You can reinstall the operating system on your virtual server with just a few clicks giving you a new VPS within minutes.

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Competitive prices

Our main goal is to provide a fast VPS service at affordable rates without any loss in quality for our customers.

24/7 Customer Care Center

Because problems can arrise at any hour our technical experts are online all the time to assist our customers.

3 days satisfaction guarantee

We offer a 3 days full refund guarantee if you are not satisfied with the VPS and decide to cancel, without any questions asked.