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With over 10 years of web hosting experience, our team of tech experts is dedicated to provide high quality hosting services while working with our customers in creating solutions to increase productivity and ensure business growth.

Here at VPSAG.com we pride ourselves on having one of the best support service on the market, our team is always trying to exceed expectations and increase customer satisfaction.

Offering 24/7 customer support, our experienced team is here to assist and ensure a flawless web hosting experience with no downtime.

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Full redundancy

We eliminate downtime and data-loss by having each node spread across multiple machines.

Cloud-based infrastructure

We provide scalable resources and on-demand access to a shared pool of configurable computing resources.

Premium Hardware

Our servers are produced by Dell, one of the world's largest hardware makers.

VPS servers

NVMe Hosting

We provide our customers VPS's with the fastest I/O available on the market today.

Multiple OS templates

You can choose from a wide array of different distributions that can be deployed in maximum 20 minutes.

Multiple virtualization machines

Depending on which VM is more suitable for you, you can choose from Light KVM or KVM.


With speed and reliability in mind, we aim to provide high quality cloud solutions. Using powerful and energy efficient equipment, we can provide cost-effective VPS's without any performance degradation.

Using network infrastructure and dedicated servers owned by us in locked cabinets, handled only by our staff, we ensure and control security on all levels, making sure that we provide reliable and stable VPS solutions.

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